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Video production for Iper's inauguration in Il Centro di Arese mall

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Some historic collaborations do not feel the weight of the years, again this time Nitrato d'Argento video production company was hired by Immaginoo communication agency, to resume the inauguration for Iper supermarket employees - the big i - at the mall The Arese Center.

It was a work against time and a challenge not without difficulty, but nevertheless they are proud and grateful that they could experience this team experience with the supermarket staff while preparing the goods and the products for the inauguration of the inauguration.

As in every other works it's been used 2 Canon Canon c100 Slider Smart System with Sigma art 18-35mm optics, Tokina 11-20mm, 85 Vintage Olympus, Panasonic GH4 with Samjang 7.5mm optic, an external recorder for high quality, A Canon Ninja Star 70-200.

For this video project innovative tools have been used: a DJI Inspire Drone to document with aerial shootingsof the complex under construction and 10 Panasonic GH4 cameras that have worked continuously for over 15 days to create a series of timelapse and hyperlapse. The result is a product that has allowed our editors, after a long video post-production work, to tell visually extraordinary the completion of the works in view of the inauguration.

At the end of the video it's been mounted a closing with 3D graphics made up of the faces of the entire Iper family, photographed by Maurizio Vezzoli.