Who we are

Why Nitrato d'argento

Why Nitrato d’Argento Films?
The name Nitrato d’Argento
pays homage to cinema and to photography,
to their essence,
to the raw material used in these arts
to communicate emotions.
Silver salts bring life to the images in the film:
when they are struck by the light
they react and the negative is imprinted
and thus is recorded forever.

Our roots

Nitrato d’Argento films grew out of a project founded by Marco Schenoni in 1997 : a video production company specializing in the documenting of exclusive private events.  Weddings, celebrations and anniversaries were filmed in an authentic reportage style, always with absolute discretion. This choice was immediately taken up by the most discerning clients and the name and reputation of the business spread like wildfire.  Meanwhile service was expanded to include video products for businesses and television advertising.

The company

The company consists of its founding partner, Marco Schenoni, and a loyal staff of four gifted professionals, each contributing their own particular talents.  Thanks to the expert teamwork of Nitrato d’Argento Films, every event that is filmed can be relived through a video that will continue to be exciting even many years later.

Where we are

The headquarters of Nitrato d’Argento Films is in Como, in an ideally situated strategic location, thanks to its proximity to Milan, heart of communications and industry for all of Italy - but also famous for its Lake which has always served as a backdrop for many of the most prestigious events in the world. 

Where we operate

There are no limits to the scope of our enterprise: we are just as comfortable working abroad as we are in Italy.