Who we are

Why the name Nitrato d'argento

The name Nitrato d'Argento is a tribute to cinema and photography, to their essence, to the raw material used by these arts to communicate emotions.

The silver salts give life to the image on the film: when they are reached by the light they react and the negative is impressed, it is written forever.

Our roots

Nitrato d'Argento films was born from a project by Marco Schenoni in 1997, as a video production company specialized in the documentation of exclusive private events. Weddings, parties and anniversaries are filmed in absolute discretion in a true style of reportage. The name of the studio spreads like wildfire thanks to the enthusiasm with which the most attentive and demanding customers accept the style of natural recovery and without posing. In the meantime, the services extend equally rapidly to video productions for companies and to television advertising.

The company

Nitrato d'Argento consists of a founding member, Marco Schenoni and a trusted staff of 4 people with great professional autonomy. Thanks to the effective team work of Nitrato d'Argento films, every documented event can be relived in a video that will continue to stir up emotions even after many years

Where we are

The headquarters of Nitrato d'Argento films is located in Como, in an ideal strategic position thanks to the proximity of Milan - the heart of communication and industry of the entire country - but also to the famous Como Lake, always witness of events between the most prestigious in the world.


Where we perform

Our business has no boundaries: we make corporate videos and commercials in Italy and abroad.