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Corporate video production for Granulati Italia

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Granulati Italia is a leading company that manufactures bases for bar products, such as ice cream and toppings, which is distinguished in the field for raw materials quality and respect for the environment.

Maurizio Vezzoli's Immaginoo communication agency has asked Nitrato d'Argento films for a presentation video in which these corporate values emerged and valorise the products.

The shootings for the production of this corporate video has followed the company's business activities and the production process of some products, but also their contextualization to exemplify their uses at the bar or in ice cream shop.

For this video production have been used two Canon Canon c100 slider smart systems with Sigma art 18-35mm optics, Tokina 11-20mm and 85 Vintage Olympus and a Panasonic GH4 with optics Samjang 7.5mm.