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Presentation video for Grand Hotel Bristol in Rapallo

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For the Grand Hotel Bristol in Rapallo it's been made a presentation video telling the day of a couple of their clients, thanks to the use of two professional actors. This film captures the passion of the hotel staff for their work.

A special mention to Chef Graziano Duca, from Le Cupole restaurant, placed on the terrace of the Hotel, which devotedly prepares starred dishes.

Nitrato d'Argento films has managed to shoot unforgettable shots even with a few strikes of luck, such as the fortuitous encounter with a local fisherman, who kindly and enthusiastically lends himself to being resumed for a unique and unrepeatable scenes.

Special thanks to the actors Simone Guerra and Ilaria Zoè Antonello for their interpretation and to Ludovica Rocchi group marketing manager.

For the production of this video it's been used 2 Canon Canon c100 Slider Smart System with Sigma art 18-35mm optics, Tokina 11-20mm, 85 Vintage Olympus, Panasonic GH4 with optic Samjang 7.5mm, an external video recorder for high quality , A Canon Ninja Star 70-200, and the Phantom 4 drone pro.

The Grand Hotel Bristol is part of R Collections, the same hotel chain as Hotel Royal Victoria for which Nitrato d'Argento filmed this presentation video.