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Wedding video in Monza

Simone and Federica

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Wedding day is a wonderful day, but also very challenging, so it may happen that some moment or detail escapes. For this reason, Nitrato d'Argento films follows the bridegrooms from the set up until the end of the party, so that they will always immortalize their special moments in our videos and never forget them.

For a wedding video production, we use the same human, artistic, and technical resources we use in corporate videos, with the awareness of the delicacy of the unique and unrepeatable moment that deserves to be respected. We of Nitrato d'Argento are committed to telling something that has a historical and narrative value and not just aesthetic, so our footage is spontaneous and authentic and never posing.

Simone and Federica married in the spectacular Duomo of Monza and then had the party in the private villa of the 18th century owned by the groom. An environment so elegant and familiar. The peculiarity of this marriage was the party in the secret garden, a silent disco party under the immense frond of a tree that created a natural hut, giving us an evocative and unrepeatable scene to be filmed and remembered over the years.

We thank the photographer Alessandro Della Savia of DS Visuals for the collaboration.